Villa Amalia. Sleeps 18. Private seafront estate with pool & cook

Ολόκληρη κατοικία — Bίλες Πολυτελείας

Ηπειρωτική Ριβιέρα και κοντινές περιοχές Πάλαιρος Paleros Dream Homes
18 επισκέπτες 9 υπνοδωμάτια 12 κρεβάτια 7 μπάνια
Σαρα Βοσνάκη Γλώσσες: Αγγλικά, Ελληνικά

Unique seafront estate with cook. Sleeps 18. Large infinity pool overlooking the Ambracian Gulf. 6 main bedrooms, 3 bamboo huts. Yoga platform, boulles court, massage hut,pingpong table kayaks and much more. 


Villa Amalia provides the perfect setting for a group of friends, families who want to spend quality time together or even a yoga retreat. Taking the stress out of everyday chores, we provide a cook who will happily cook 3 meals per day, you just pay local prices for the ingredients. 

The village of Sparto is perched high above the Ambracian Gulf. Approached down a winding country road through olive groves, you are greeted by a high stone wall with a large iron gate flanked by two immense stone urns containing pomegranate trees. Pass through the gates and you enter a landscape that has not changed in centuries.
The private driveway down to the house is lined with oleanders and lavenders which form a border around the olive groves. From the large gravel parking area next to the house you get your first glimpse of the sea and the stunning villa.
A walkway, covered with an arbour of lemon trees brings you into a courtyard planted in lavender with a fountain in the centre which emerges from an old terra cotta amphora.
Beyond the courtyard is the outdoor kitchen and dining area which features a six and a half meter long bar made from a piece of eucalyptus wood, a grill, gas range, sink, refrigerator and a traditional wood-burning oven. The massive wooden dining table seats sixteen, all under a bamboo pergola.  
Beyond the dining area is an outdoor sitting room with four teakwood settees which overlook the infinity pool. Nestled past the sitting room is an enclosed area which has a mini-spa with oval stone tub and outdoor shower which is used by the 3 bamboo bedrooms that are located  behind. These rooms are perfect for teen-age guests or extra staff.
The entrance to the house is furnished with a rustic console table and an imposing, twisted wood-framed mirror. To the left is the kitchen tastefully designed with pale grey cabinets and granite countertops and features a centre island, gas range and oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and ice-maker.
The living room has linen covered sofas, rough-hewn coffee tables, plus a fireplace, sound system and large screen television. Through the sea view full length French doors the is a large covered terrace with wrap around banquets piled high with plump cushions.  Through the living room is the dining room which seats eight and looks out on both the sea and the infinity pool. Both sides of the pool are lined with big teak sun loungers. For those who prefer their cocktails while immersed in the water, the shallow end of the pool features two swim up teak tables and a wide built in sofa.
There are two bedrooms with two bathrooms off from the living room. One bedroom has stunning views overlooking all of the Ambracian Gulf and beyond to the mountains, the other has a view towards the lavender courtyard, allowing the sweet smell of lavender to fill the room.
Terra cotta tiles cover the floors throughout the house.

A lighted outdoor staircase descends to the ground floor. Four bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms have large shower rooms covered in granite grey tiles. One guest room has a fireplace, and all have their own verandas with tables and chairs, separated by walls of flowering plants.

Below the main villa area a stone pathway leads down to the outdoor cinema shaded by a Pernia tree. In the daytime this wooden decked platform is a perfect place to read and relax. A small outdoor bar with sink and refrigerator service both the cinema and the very large seaside deck which overlooks the private pier. A small gate guarded by the statue of an Indonesian goddess (which doubles as a shower) opens to reveal the private pier with boat moaring and diving rock for a swim in the sea. There are also 2 kayaks and a paddleboard which are available free of charge to enable clients to enjoy themselves around the bay and 3 bicycles which are perfect to adventure out and explore the areas surrounding the villa.

For our guests who want some relaxation and pampering, we have created a beautiful wooden massage hut that offers the services of a fully qualified masseur and is certain to leave you feeling totally refreshed.
Combined with the massage hut there is yoga decking above the seafront making it ideal for a peaceful yoga retreat.
Further around through the olive trees there is a large covered swing/bed that provides the perfect spot for peace and quiet away from the villa.   
On the west side of the estate there is a trampoline and tabletennis table, both giving hours of enjoyment.
A vegetable garden of 1,000 square meters supplies the estate with vegetables and herbs, while pomegranate, lemon and fig trees are planted throughout the property. A grape arbour provides both shade and fruit. The 500 mature olive trees produce 10 tons of olives every two years which are processed into extra virgin olive oil. The estate also hosts a family of chickens which provide organic, free range eggs every day. Underbrush is “mowed” by a family of deer which graze under the supervision of the caretaker.

The property has natural air-conditioning…in the morning there is no wind making the sea perfect for water-skiing…by mid-afternoon the wind begins to blow cooling the entire area.

Τεχνικές προδιαγραφές

Τύπος καταλύματος: Bίλες Πολυτελείας
Τύπος ενοικίασης: Ολόκληρη κατοικία
Όροφος: Ισόγειο
Επίπεδα χώρου: 2

Ελάχιστη διαμονή: 7 διανυκτερεύσεις

Επισκέπτες: 18
Κρεβάτια: 12
Υπνοδωμάτια: 9
Μπάνια: 7

  • Κλιματισμός
  • Εσωτερικό τζάκι
  • Ανεμιστήρες οροφής
  • Κουρτίνες/παντζούρια συσκότισης
  • Μπαλκόνι
  • Αυλή / βεράντα
  • Πλυντήριο ρούχων
  • Ζεστό νερό
  • Εξαιρετική πίεση νερού
  • Σαπούνι / Σαμπουάν
  • Πετσέτες/Σεντόνια/Μαξιλάρια
  • Κρεμάστρες
  • Πιστολάκι μαλλιών
  • Ψυγείο
  • Κουζίνα
  • Φούρνος
  • Φούρνος μικροκυμάτων
  • Πλυντήριο πιάτων
  • Βραστήρας
  • Μπλέντερ
  • Αποχυμωτής
  • Φρυγανιέρα
  • Τοστιέρα
  • Ψύκτης νερού
  • Παγομηχανή
  • Πιάτα και μαχαιροπήρουνα
  • Βασικά είδη μαγειρέματος
  • Τραπεζαρία
  • Καρέκλα μωρού
  • TV
  • Δορυφορική ή καλωδιακή TV
  • DVD player
  • Βιντεοπροβολέας
  • Music stereo (Radio/CD/MP3)
  • Αυτοενισχυόμενα ηχεία
  • Εξωτερικά ηχεία
  • Τραπέζι πίνγκ πόνγκ
  • Δωρεάν στάθμευση (εγκαταστάσεις)
  • Aποθήκευση αποσκευών
  • Ιδιωτική πισίνα
  • Προβλήτα
  • Ψησταριά μπάρμπεκιου
  • Κήπος
  • Αιώρα
  • Ξαπλώστρες
  • Υποδοχή από τον οικοδεσπότη
  • Ιδιωτική είσοδος
  • Θυρωρός
  • Μεταφορά από αεροδρόμιο
  • Υπηρεσία φύλαξης παιδιών
  • Μασάζ
  • Υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού ρούχων
  • Ιδιωτική κρουαζιέρα
  • Προσωπικός ξεναγός
  • Ιδιωτικός μάγειρας
  • Υπηρεσίες μπάτλερ & καμαριέρας
  • Το κάπνισμα δεν επιτρέπεται
  • Ακατάλληλο για κατοικίδια

Check in time: 15:00

Check out time: 11:00

Αριθμός εγγραφής - Τουριστική άδεια: 0413K91000418501

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Unnamed road, Pogonia, Paleros, Greece. TK30012


- Συνιστάται αυτοκίνητο / μηχανή

Η περιοχή

Private seafront estate. Sleeps 18. Infinity pool, yoga platform. Cook and daily maid. Great for groups and large families.


Θάλασσα / Παραλία: 0χλμ
Στάση λεωφορείου: 1.5χλμ
Σούπερ μάρκετ: 1χλμ
Φούρνος: 1χλμ
Εστιατόριο: 1χλμ
Πόλη Λευκάδας : 45χλμ
Αεροδρόμιο Ακτίου (PVK): 35χλμ

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