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Villa for sale with a stunning panoramic view of the sea, the island


2 υπνοδωμάτια 2 μπάνια 103m2
Jerôme Laubion (Lefkada Travel)
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Villa for sale with a stunning panoramic view of the sea, the island of Lefkada and an extraordinary sunset. 


Villa for sale with a stunning panoramic view of the sea, the island of Lefkada and an extraordinary sunset. From autumn to spring, from the terrace of the villa, you can watch the colony of flamingos that come to Lefkada every year. The picture is dynamic and constantly changing. You can watch the yachts coming and leaving Lefkada's marina, the kites on Agios Ioannis's beach, the mountains of Lefkada, fields and fields vineyards. Breathtaking view of the illuminated city of Lefkada at night.  

The main focus of the villa's layout was to ensure that this panorama was visible from the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Because the villa locates on a slope, the panoramic view does not block anything and cannot hide anything in the future.
Completely ready for living, including adjacent areas and systems. It was built using modern construction technologies and is suitable for a year-round living (good wall and roof insulation, underfloor heating with a heat pump). The infinity pool, with Uv water treatment and counter-current for continuous swimming, is also suitable for year-round use (it can be heated with a heat pump).
The villa is situated on the west coast of Greece, in the small village closest to Lefkada city. Large supermarkets, the city's infrastructure, restaurants and bars are in 5 minutes.
The nearest beach is about 2 minutes away.
The nearest airport is 15 minutes away. An illuminated asphalt road leads to the villa.
Living area 103 sq.m., terrace 40 sq.m., technical house 14 sq.m., swimming pool 8.5 * 5.5 m.
Operated flat roof 103 sq.m.
Covered car parking is near the house, and a separate parking area is near the main road (it was planned to store the boat).
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one has a large shower, the other has a large bath. A ventilation system with odor removal is additionally organized in the toilet installations).

Foundation - insulated and waterproofed monolithic slab,
wall insulation with mineral wool 10 cm,
flat roof insulation - 15 cm.
Inverter air conditioners are installed in the bedrooms and living room.
The ergonomically designed kitchen is fully equipped. The countertop in the kitchen and other tables are from acrylic stone Dupont.
A large designer fireplace is in the living room.
Heating with underfloor heating, working with a heat pump.
Hot water is heated by an electric instantaneous boiler 25kW (energy efficiency class A).

Various systems have been installed for a comfortable stay and to minimise the effort of maintenance.
- intelligent water treatment system - filtration of incoming water
- an intelligent irrigation system with the ability to configure via Wifi. Can create a watering schedule depending on the weather forecast.
- automatic gates
- auto-shepherd along the perimeter of the site 15 thousand volts to preserve green plantings on the site from goats (from 2 sides of the plot, there is a forest where goats graze)
- on the open terrace, there is a stereo sound system with an amplifier working with Bluetooth
- intelligent pool control (heating, chemical balance, filtration, counterflow)
- an uninterrupted water supply system with a reserve tank for 2 tons of water.
 - outside illumination is with automatic inclusion "day-night".

Because the plot is on a slope, traditional Greek stone retaining walls were built (with a drainage system and lighting).
The area around the villa and parking lot is paved with paving stones.
Large trees have been planted (olive, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, figs), and an "alpine" hill of trees and fragrant plants has been arranged.
Since the site is within the village, it is possible to increase the development.

Τεχνικές προδιαγραφές

Τύπος ακινήτου: Βίλα
Εμβαδό χώρου: 103m2
Εμβαδό οικοπέδου: 1100m2
Όροφος: Ισόγειο
Κατάσταση: Νεόδμητο

Μπάνια: 2
Υπνοδωμάτια: 2

  • Θέα θάλασσα
  • Επιπλωμένο
  • Ιδιωτική είσοδος
  • Αποθήκη
  • Κλιματισμός
  • Τζάκι
  • Σόμπα
  • Αυτόνομη θέρμανση
  • Ηλιακός θερμοσίφωνας
  • Φωτοβολταικά
  • Ενεργειακά κουφώματα
  • Διπλά Τζάμια
  • Εξωτερική θερμομόνωση
  • Πόρτα ασφαλείας
  • Δορυφορική τηλεόραση
  • Καταγραφέας εικόνας / Κάμερες ασφαλείας
  • Θυρίδα ασφαλείας
  • Διαμπερές
  • Μπαλκόνι
  • Βεράντα
  • Σίτες
  • Κουζίνα
  • Mπανιέρα
  • Nτους
  • WC επισκεπτών
  • Χώρος στάθμευσης
  • Πισίνα
  • Κήπος
  • Μπάρμπεκιου
  • Μοντέρνο
  • Πολυτελείας
  • Θάλασσα
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