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Epirus Riviera and surroundings Preveza Sardelis Shipping Agency

More than eighty years in the shipping industry, we provide 24/7 services of the highest level to all the vessels calling Greek ports and motor yachts and sailing yachts at Preveza port.

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Except the normal operational matters that are being encountered with maximum safety and reliability, we have provided our services to Owners/Vessel/Crew in cases such as salvages (MV VUOKSA case) in full co-operation with insurance and salvage companies, or in less crucial incidents, with the same efficiency.



4 Agg. Mpakatselou, P.C. 48100, Preveza, Greece


Our head office resides at city of Preveza, Greece. From Preveza, we handle and respond to our principals’ needs and represent them in any ports/areas requested. In general, our services are expanding to all types of vessels calling Greek ports.