58 years of experience


Adria Airways has fifty-eight years of experience in charter and scheduled services. We connect Slovenia to numerous European cities and offer excellent connections between central and SE Europe. As a Star Alliance member we provide access to a global network of flights to more than 190 countries.

Our head office is at Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia and hub in Pristina.

The majority of Adria Airways’ business is in scheduled flights, while charter flights mostly connect Slovenia with holiday destinations in the Mediterranean.

Flights are currently being operated by three Airbus A319, nine Bombardier CRJ900, two Bombardier CRJ700ER and six Saab2000. 


Άκτιο, Τ.Κ 48100, Πρέβεζα, Ελλάδα

Η περιοχή

Tο Αεροδρόμιο του Ακτίου βρίσκεται στη δυτική πλευρά της Στερεάς Ελλάδας, σε απόσταση 4 χλμ. από την Πρέβεζα και 17 χλμ. από τη Λευκάδα.


Πόλη Λευκάδας : 17χλμ