Let’s introduce ourselves

Our site was created in 2010 by fagottobooks, a publishing house that specializes in music and academic editions since 1982.

The increasing need for well-designed travel publications that extensively address the interests and needs of Lefkada travelers relative to local culture, history, important sites and attractions, trekking routes, nautical tourism and gastronomy inspired fagottobooks, a decade ago, to launch the publication of a series of books followed by the lefkadaslowguide website that is consistently revised and enriched with up-to-date information about the island.

Lefkada Slow Guide helps visitors organize their Lefkada vacation efficiently and easily by providing a comprehensive business catalog of local accommodations, dining recommendations, as well as ideas for shopping and entertainment. The site also includes suggestions for alternative activities, sports and excursions as well as useful services.

Information is supplemented by the daily online newspaper lefkadazin.gr hat covers local events as well as news from the greater region.

Where to find us

Lefkada: 7, Zakynthou St., 31100 Tel. & Fax +30 2645021095
Athens: 15, Valtetsiou St., 10680 tel. +30 2103645147 Fax +30 2103645149

Advertising reception, Lefkada: Andreas Thermos: +30 6973668610
Email: ad@lefkadaslowguide.gr

Advertising reception, Epirus: Evrinomi Zavra: +30 6947540949
Email: epirusriviera@lefkadaslowguide.gr