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Why Lefkada Slow Guide?

It’s the number one site for Lefkada

Its international scope and high volume of website traffic that render it the fundamental information source for people who want to visit our island

Each page is designed to present clusters of information that serve not only to guide, but to inspire, all manner of travellers who’ve chosen our island as their next destination.

Having the dual expertise of advertising professionals and locals, our team members share in-depth knowledge of each prominent and secluded facet of our island via daily blog entries, photos, posts and videos, continuously enriching and replenishing the site and systematically promoting the island and its local businesses.

It’s precisely this unique personal touch that’s made Lefkada Slow Guide the ultimate point of reference for travellers planning their trip to Lefkada.

Just google the word “Lefkada” and you’ll see us on the first page of search results.

Zero fees, massive reach

With a minimum flat rate and no extra fees, you ensure the maximum possible exposure for your business.

Businesses that advertise with us receive their booking requests directly without commissions or intermediaries, saving between 3% and 22% on fees per booking. Even more, because of the sites high traffic volume and its quality content, businesses gain access to a dedicated and dynamic community of users who keep coming back. In Lefkada Slow Guide, you get the visibility your business deserves with unlimited customer service. And all this for a yearly rate starting from *50,00€ per listing.

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The ultimate advertising package

Far beyond a basic advertising service, it provides digital and print ads tailored to your business.

For twelve continuous years, our website has become synonymous with the promotion of Lefkada as a year-round quality travel destination and over 300 businesses have entrusted us with their advertising. The site is owned by Fagotto Books, a publishing house specializing in books on Lefkada with offices and a bookstore in the Old Town. Among the company’s most successful yearly print editions is Destination Lefkada, the island’s foremost ambassador at international tourism expos and Lefkada Welcome, the free local business map that we distribute in the thousands each year across the island. Following this trajectory, and always in line with our quality tourism philosophy, is the news magazine, as well as the recently launched Lefkada Slow Guide blog supplemented daily with interesting articles about the island.

This elegant and efficient media context, covering a variety of sectors, enables us to create the ideal advertising package tailored to the needs of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I advertise on Lefkada Slow Guide?

Advertising on Lefkada Slow Guide is a breeze. Just click Sign Up and fill in the form. Tick the product that interests you and click Send. That’s it! Our team will contact you shortly with a price quote.

Does my advertisement get extra promotion?

Of course! With our targeted online campaigns, Google AdWords, subject-related blog articles and social media (Facebook and Instagram), your advertisement will bring results!

What is the cost of joining?

Our website offers high quality promotion at a low price, starting at just 50 Euros. Your business is unique, as are your advertising needs. Costs depend on the number of listings and the type of promotion that interests you. Of course, we offer special discounts and package offers. All you need to do is ask for a quote!

What is Lefkada Slow Guide’s geo-target?

The entire world! Of course, we continuously adapt our online strategy to keep abreast of market trends and maintain a strong presence in countries that comprise Greece’s basic sources of tourism income.

What is the duration of my advertising promotion?

Your advertisement will run for exactly one year from the time of activation. As concerns Destination Lefkada and Welcome Maps, your advertisement will again be active for one year, until the following edition is published. Shortly before your advertisement expires, a team member will contact you with the option to renew.

What are my payment options?

Payment can be made in one of two ways. You can drop by our office and pay in cash or using your debit/credit card, or you can make a bank transfer with prior arrangement.

Is there a time window for joining up?

You can join the site whenever you like, at any time of year. To be included in the map, you must sign on by early May while for the print and digital editions of Destination Lefkada, participation is finalized by the end of September.

Is there a commission for the bookings I receive on Lefkada Slow Guide?

Of course not! Lefkada Slow Guide retains no fees, neither from your business, nor from visitors. All bookings are made directly without intermediaries or service fees.

Can I change ad content on my own, or do I need to contact you?

You can change any details, text, photos, updates or anything else using the listings manager. Of course you can rely on us to assist you if necessary. Just give us a call or send an e-mail and we’ll be at your side to resolve any issues!

Can I continue advertising on other platforms?

Naturally! We don’t demand exclusivity. To the contrary we’ve developed functions, like our calendar synchronization, that allow you to easily manage your listings across platforms.

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