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Lefkada uncovered

Geomorphological features

Lefkada comprises 24 islands scattered within a tiny archipelago. It is located in the top half of the western coastland of mainland Greece, between Corfu and Kefalonia and is the fourth in size Ionian Island. Lefkada’s landscape combines scenery both idyllic and rugged, inviting the visitor to roam in the history of the Ionian Islands while giving the satisfaction of discovering exciting secrets in every corner of the island. Lefkada’s internal archipelago is considered by experts to be one of the best seas for sailing in the world.

Lefkada enjoys all the advantages of an island without the disadvantage of accessibility; a floating bridge connects it to the mainland with traffic flowing uninterrupted.

The greater part of the surface area is hilly, peaking at Stavrota at 1182m. The biggest plain is in the south in the Vassiliki area.

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Lefkada's climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. 

From December to February, the temperature can drop to about 10°C, it often rains but it never snows and the sunny periods are quite frequent.
Spring (March to May),  is pleasant and sunny in Lefkada, the days with some rainfall become less and less frequent and the temperature rises gradually, with highs around 22°C. 
The weather is hot and sunny during the summer (June to August), with highs around 30 °C.
September is still very much summer weather in Lefkada, with average maximum temperatures still 28°C but cooler nights. In October, temperatures are generally pleasant but the rains are frequent. 

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SOS: Useful phone numbers

to get you out of any sticky situation while in Lefkada

International phone number prefix for Greece: + (00) 30

  • Emergency number: 112
  • Ambulance service: 166
  • Emergency social assistance: 197
  • Fire brigade: 199 / 26450 22199 / 26450 20350 / 26450 20351
  • Hospital: 26453 60200
  • Outpatient clinic: 26453 60216 / 26453 60287
  • Health Centres
  • Vassiliki: 26453 60900
  • Nydri: 26450 92710 26450
  • Karya: 26450 41206
  • Nikiana: 26450 72130
  • Police Station Lefkada: 100 / 26450 29366
  • Tourist Police: 171 / 26450 29379
  • Roadside assistance: 26450 26673 / 26450 21653 / 26450 25515 / 26450 22901
  • Lefkada Port Authority 2645022322
  • KTEL (long distance bus): 2645022364
  • Municipality of Lefkada 2645360500



Pharmacies in Lefkada are open from 8.00 a.m. to 14.00 a.m. and from 18.00 p.m. to 20.30 p.m. If you are in an emergency situation and you need medicine during the night, a weekend or a holiday, you can find out the which pharmacy is open by checking the ''on duty'' schedule which is posted on every pharmacy's door or check it here

Pharmacies on duty in Lefkada



This converter allows you to determine the value of other currencies compared with the euro.

Banks and ATMs in Lefkada town

National Bank of Greece (Ethniki Trapeza): 87 Ioannou Mela Str./ tel:  2645020321
ATM National Bank of Greece (Ethniki Trapeza): Town Hall
Piraeus Bank: Yposminagou Katopodi Athanasiou & Tseliou Stratou Str./ tel:  2645020001
ATM  Piraeus Bank:  Town Hall
Alpha Bank: 10 Agiou Mina square/ tel:  2645026570
Eurobank: 2 Xenophontos Grigori Str./ tel:  2645029250
Hellenic Postbank (Tachydromiko Tamieutirio): 42 Eyst. Zakka Str.

Banks and ATMs across Lefkada

ATM National Bank of Greece (Ethniki Trapeza): Agios Nikitas
ATM National Bank of Greece (Ethniki Trapeza): Nydri
ATM  Piraeus Bank: Nikiana
ATM  Piraeus Bank: Agios Nikitas
ATM  Piraeus Bank: Nydri
ATM  Piraeus Bank: Vassiliki
ATM  Alpha Bank: Nydri
ATM Alpha Bank: Vassiliki

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Shopping hours in Lefkada

Commercial shops 

(29 / 10 / 2019 – 28 / 03 / 2020)

  • Monday: 8.30 - 14.00
  • Tuesday:  8.30 - 14.00 & 17.30 - 20.30
  • Wednesday:  8.30 - 14.00
  • Thursday:  8.30 - 14.00 & 17.30 - 20.30
  • Friday:  8.30 - 14.00 & 17.30 - 20.30
  • Saturday: 8.30 - 14.30
  • Sunday: closed

Supermarkets operate a continuous shift up to 21.00

Souvenirs shopping: unique gifts to buy in Lefkada

Something to remind you of your trip in Lefkada

Make sure you leave adequate space in your bag to take home wonderful souvenirs from Lefkada island!

Amazing Lefkadian Wine

Wine from Lefkada

 Undoubtedly, the most popular (drinkable) souvenir is a glass of a delicious local wine. Lefkada has two varieties: white Vardea and red Vertzami that will satisfy your finest gourmet desires.

Bottles of really good local wine can be found in the shops that sell traditional products and in the De Blanck Wine Shop. A great idea is to combine your shopping with a winery tour (and wine tasting of course) in the Lefkas Earth vineyard and winery. Cheers!


A notebook from Fagottobooks bookshop

Amazing bookshop in Lefkada

Fagottobooks is a super-cute little bookshop in a lovely alley of Lefkada city. It is hosted in a renovated traditional Lefkadian house and has a beautiful yard where expositions and workshops are being organised during the summertime. Here you can find a carefully curated selection of literature, fiction, music and art, children's and philosophy books, as well as books about Lefkada and the Ionian islands, maps, educational toys and music instruments. Our favourite souvenir is their amazing selection of fagottobooks notebooks-flip books


Handmade Lefkadian Traditional Embroidery-Karsaniko

Karsaniko stitch | Traditional embroidery | Lefkada

If you want something really special to buy as a souvenir from Lefkada, then ''Karsaniko kedima'' is the ideal choice for you. Karsaniko embroidery is a special technique of exceptional aesthetic and artistic value seen only in Lefkada. It was created by Maria Standraka, a  lady who lived in Karya village and created this stitch after an accident that paralyzed her hand (there is also a museum dedicated to her art in Karya). You can find them in some shops in Lefkada town but mostly in Karya village.


Honey & honey products from Lefkada

Honey and honey products | Lefkada

You can't leave without tasting this unique golden nectar that is mainly being produced in Athani, a small village close to Porto Katsiki. In Lefkada island you can find delicious varieties including thyme, pine or flower honey. A small jar  will easily fit into your suitcase so you have to take some home with you to drizzle over your yogurt. If you want to try something different choose pasteli (the perfect energy bar), a Greek traditional type of nougat based on sesame and honey. 



Herbs in Lefkada

There is a significant variety of aromatic herbs and medicinal plants flourishing on mountain slopes and green fields in Lefkada. Used since the ancient times, herbs from Lefkada will flavour your dishes or be used for medicinal purposes. Try the classic greek mountain tea aka Tsai tou Vounou which is a great remedy for colds or buy some oregano, thyme, marjoram and rosemary for a burst of Greek flavour in your food. Take a taste of Greece home with you!


Spoon sweets

Spoon sweets | LefkadaSpoon sweets aka Glyka tou koutaliou, are mostly fruits or vegetables, cooked in sugar with herbs and preserved in heavy syrup. Sugar is a natural preservative so they can stay good for a long time. Linked with hospitality and welcoming, spoon sweets are a typical treat all over Greece and are usually offered to guests served by the teaspoon in a small dish accompanied with a cold glass of water and a nice Greek coffee. In the shops that sell traditional products, you can find almost every flavor of spoon sweets from bergamot and apricots to rose, walnuts and kumquats. Remember that spoon sweets can also be used as toppings on ice cream or yogurt.


Evil eye or Mati

Evil eye | Souvenir from Greece | Lefkada

Evil eye, also known as 'mati' is deeply embedded in Greek culture and is the most common ancient superstition which dates back to Classical antiquity. Actually it is a curse thought to be given by a malicious glare that can cause bad luck. It is believed that if you wear any object with an evil eye bead or mataki, this will keep away evil eye from you. Find your own, elegant evil eye in these amazing souvenir and jewellery shops


A cookbook with recipes from Lefkada

The cookery of Lefkada

If you are looking for authentic and original recipes from Lefkada, if you want to learn how to make by yourself some of these amazing dishes you have tasted in the local tavernas, we found the absolute recipe book, which is full of delicious dishes from Lefkada island. The book '' The cookery of Lefkada'' is written by  Evie Voutsina, a lefkadian author. Her search does not stop at writing down recipes. She is interested in the techniques of food preparation, the conditions of life, the human aspect and all the ‘little touches’ that give each dish its particular taste: everything that constitutes the ethos of food. In the end result, while collecting recipes and listening to the stories around them, Evi Voutsina’s work is also folklore: the axis of her books is the turning seasons, the rhythms and harmony of nature; the leading role is the essence of Greek cooking (and more broadly, Mediterranean cuisine), which is the measure of it all.