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A unique Amvrakikos cruise!


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Amvrakikos Cruises organizes daily activities on the most impressive beaches of Amvrakikos with a guided tour of our own guide. Live the Sea Experience, having fun!

Observing and photoshooting dolphins, Caretta Caretta, birds, wildlife and fishing

Welcome to Amvrakikos Cruises

Experience the fishing experience, having fun!
Enjoy the beauty of the sea, watching the playful and magnificent dolphins, the dazzling Caretta Caretta turtles and the wonderful
birds. Experience the fishing experience while having fun and taste delicious local produce.

You can do all this on cruises of Amvrakikos.

Our Activities

Amvrakikos Cruises organizes daily activities on the most impressive beaches of Amvrakikos with a guided tour of our own guide.
Live the Sea Experience, having fun!

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All day cruise in Amvrakikos

You can try fishing using a rod which we will already have on board.

Afterwards we will continue the cruise by searching for dolphins, turtles and birds which you will be able to take pictures of .After that we will visit a small uninhabited island .There, you will be able to use snorkelling equipment which we provide to swim around the island, furthermore you can step on the shore to explore the beach. Meanwhile , we will be preparing a meal for you consisting of delicious local delicacies and fish. We will be back at the port at around 15.00.

Fishing at sunset

Enjoy the gorgeous Greek sunset in the sea of Amvrakikos, while fishing using a fishing rod under proffessional guidance and taste local delicious snacks. You get to do all of this by participating in the afternoon cruises of Porto Leone.

Fishingtrips sunshet

Every morning we set off the port of Preveza around 5.30 a.m. to collect the shrimps and other kinds of fish from our nets that we will have already cast the previous night. Come with us and :

-You can observe the art of fishing Gambary shrimp, a globally famous for its unique taste kind of shrimp that only lives in one of the most productive bays of Greece the” Amvrakikos bay”.
-You will be able to enjoy your coffee and snack which we provide while watching us collecting our nets during the gorgeous sunrise in the sea.
-After collecting the nets , we will remove the shrimps that we will have caught from the nets . You can either participate in removing the shrimps or you can try and fish on your own using a fishing rod or a fishing line that we also provide.

-After the end of this procedure, a guided tour in the bay follows. During the tour you will be told about the traditional fishing methods in the area and about the natural habitat of our sea . Also, there is a big possibility that we might come across dolphins and turtles that you can take a photo of.
-When we are done with the tour we , the crew, are going to cook fresh shrimps and other tasteful fish of our production for you while you can also dive off the boat . The dish we offer you includes ,except from shrimps, greek fish roe (a unique sea snack), traditional greek salad ,refreshments ,beer and greek,”ouzo”.
And finally we will be returning at the port around 12 at noon.

Bird Watching

Gulf of Amvrakikos
One of the largest lagoons in Greece, formed by the merge of Rivers Louros and Arahthos with the Ionian Sea.
On this majestic location with an outstanding variety of sites of wild beauty such as lethargic lochs and labyrinths of reeds and marshes, we shall wonder with our small boats and explore the splendor of the wetland, the well hidden bird nests and the secrets of eel reproduction.
Let’s discover the secrets of the marsh and learn from the best, the local fishermen and guides.


Activity: Fishing Τrips



Port of Preveza, P.C. 48100, Greece


- A car is not needed

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