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Chara Tsoukala
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Manager at: Infinity Rib Cruises
Languages: Greek, English

Infinity Rib Cruises is a boat rental company based in Sivota, Lefkada. We provide luxury private cruises in the Ionian islands and VIP services that will make your vacation in Lefkada an unforgettable experience.

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Breathe in the enchanting notes of the Ionian Sea and create vibrant memories with your loved ones aboard one of our luxurious boats.  Discover and enjoy the beauties that only the island of Lefkada can offer starting from here! Infinity Rib Cruises combines delightful sights and precious moments that will capture your heart! Do you think this is exaggerating? All you need to do is visit us!

1. White Pearl Private Cruise
Departure from: Sivota at 10:00 AM
Cruise Itinerary: Papanikolis Cave (Meganisi)> Scorpios> Scorpidi> Sparta> Madouri> Cheloni> Thilia> Meganisi> Sivota
Duration: 5 hours approx.

Departure from Syvota of Lefkada and our first stop is at the cave of Papanikolis in Meganisi. This cave shot into prominence during World War II being a secret hideaway for the submarine Papanikolis. It is a sea cave about 30 metres deep with sand inside it, as well as stalactites that create a breathtaking atmosphere that you shouldn’t miss! Later you will visit Scorpios, the paradise of Aristotle Onasis, as well as the islands around, Scorpidi, Sparta, Madouri, where you will see the remarkable home of the famous poet Aristotle Valaorites, and also the island Cheloni, for a swim in its clear blue waters. The day finishes with a ride to the island of Thilia, which, though small, will compensate you with its green beauty.

2. Luxury Private Cruise
Departure from: Sivota at 10:00 AM
Cruise Itinerary: Kalamos> Kastos> Cave of Papanikolis> Formikoula> Sivota
Duration: 7 hours approx.

Enjoy the tour of the little green islands near Lefkada and explore the hidden beauties of the Ionian sea. The journey begins with Kalamos, a small charming island, that represents the original Greek beauty. Immediately afterwards, you will visit Kastos and its port, a small island that hides many sights among its stone houses. You will also visit Meganisi and the cave of Papanikolis a hidden paradise filled with stalactites in a magical landscape. The journey ends at Syvota of Lefkada, where you can try traditional flavours of the island having spent a whole day in the arms of the sea.

3. Sea la vie Private Cruise
Departure from: Sivota at 10:00 AM
Cruise Itinerary: Atokos> Frikes Ithaca> Emblisi Kefalonia> Fiskardo Kefalonia> Sivota
Duration: 7 hours approx.

Our journey starts from Sivota, Lefkada. First destination: Atokos. A small islet, an unknown paradise with turquoise waters reminiscent of the island of the Hidden Treasure of our childhood. Next stop: Frikes, Ithaca. The picturesque fishing village with the two windmills – a favourite station for lovers of sailing and windsurfing. Immediately after Frikes, we reach northern Kefalonia and the beach Emblisi that looks like a… pool. Enjoy sunbathing and swimming but please do not forget to try the traditional Kefalonian meat pie which you can find at the beach.  Our day continues at Fiskardo. Colourful houses, picturesque paths, taverns in an old settlement that has been declared protected after the earthquakes that the island experienced many many years ago. At the end of this wonderful day, the Venetian Lighthouse of Fiskardo could not be missing. The Venetian Lighthouse has stood proudly since the 16th century, welcoming travellers to a landscape reminiscent of the time of the knights. There you can enjoy one last swim before returning to Sivota Lefkada after a day of adventure, images and flavours.

4. Seabreeze Private Cruise
Departure from: Sivota at 9:30 AM or 15:30 PM (Sunset Cruise)
Cruise Itinerary: Porto Katsiki> Egremnoi> Agiofilli> Sivota
Duration: 7 hours approx.

Starting from Sivota Lefkada our first stop will be Porto Katsiki. The white rocks, turquoise crystal clear waters and the magical sound of water will bring you close to the exotic nature of the most famous Mediterranean beach. Next stop: Egremni. Waters in various shades and lounge music from the beach bar that feel like…the Caribbean. Leaving Egremni we get to Milos. A hidden gem that will give you a sense of tranquillity and privacy in a magical landscape. And what comes next? Sesoula. A tiny rocky island carefully placed by mother Nature very close to Lefkada. You can’t miss this wild landscape! Last stop: Agiophylli of course. Meet the small, cute beach with turquoise clear waters. Ideal for the lovers of diving… and after a day full of new images and experiences we return to Sivota Lefkada, where you can explore cute restaurants or bars or you can just wander around one of the most cosmopolitan centres of Lefkada.

5. Thalassophile Private Cruise
Departure from: Sivota at 10:00 AM
Cruise Itinerary: Atokos> Gidaki Ithaca> Frikes/Marmakas Ithaca> Afales Ithaca> Emplisi Kefalonia> Fiscardo Kefalonia> Sivota
Duration: 7,5 hours approx.

Departure from Syvota of Lefkada. The first stop is Atokos, a small island that attracts boaters. The next island is Ithaca and Gidaki beach, quiet and isolated, ready to welcome you in its clean water. Also, you will see the beaches of Frikes and Marmakas, where a surprise awaits you. When the waters are trampled on, there is a special effect of a sandy line that divides the sea into two parts. Afales comes next, a bay suitable for diving and swimming. You will also visit Kefalonia and Emplisi an amazing beach, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see the seals that visit it. Last stop, Fiskardo with its colourful alleys and, of course, the Venetian Lighthouse.

6. Blue Diamond Private Cruise
Departure from: Sivota at 10:00 AM
Cruise Itinerary: Porto Katsiki> Egremni> Myli> Afales Ithaca> Fiskardo Kefalonia> Sivota
Duration: 8 hours approx.

The first stop is Porto Katsiki. The white rocks, the blue crystal waters and the magic sound of the sea will bring you close to the exotic nature of the most famous Mediterranean beach. Your day will continue with a stop at Egremni beach. Waters in various shades resemble something from the Caribbean. Next station: Myli, a sense of privacy and peace that will relax you. Afterwards, you will visit the Cape of Lefkada, a landscape of wild beauty that hides well an ancient myth. You will also visit Afales of Ithaca, where you can dive or swim in the blue waters and finally, Fiskardo in Kefalonia, where you can try the traditional cuisine of Lefkada.

* Cruises and departure times are indicative and can be modified

Included in your cruise:

  • Fruits
  • Traditional snacks from our garden
  • Premium wine or beer per passenger
  • Water
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Sea toys
  • Fresh towels
  • Free wifi
  • JL audio & subwoofer mp3 – Bluetooth-AUX connection
  • Sea pouffe floating
  • Free waterproof mobile phone case
  • GoPro camera
  • Waterproof jacket


  • Love Date
  • VIP Transfer
  • Island Hopping
  • Birthday Party Cruise
  • Wedding Party Cruise
  • Anniversary cruise
  • Full-moon Cruise
  • Romantic Sunset Cruise

Activity: Island Hopping
Capacity: 7 persons

Minimum age: 18 years
Duration: 8 hours


Sivota, P.C 31100, Lefkada, Greece

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