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Agnieszka Kowalska
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Manager at: Kobido Aga San & Bliss in Me
Languages: English, Polish

My name is Aga and I would like to invite you in my Yoga, Meditation Retreats & Kobido's journey in Lefkada. Follow your Happiness through our Yoga classes and beauty sessions in beautiful places all over the island.

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Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women

I organize Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women sessions for all Women who want to eliminate the symptoms of Menopause, PMS, Polycystic Ovaries, Infertility, and other problems connected with the decreasing of hormones level in their bodies. It is a unique and powerful method that acts directly on the endocrine glands and helps reactivate and rebalance the endocrine system naturally.

No previous yoga experience is needed.

Daily practice takes approximately 30 minutes and can be easily incorporated into the busiest lifestyle. It is recommended to practice at least 3-4x a week to experience the desired results.

Classes and workshops:

HYT course or workshop covers

  • A complete sequence of HYT
  • Anti-stress exercises and techniques
  • Information about the endocrine system
  • Manual for your home practice
  • Follow-up support

Weekend Workshop (3 hours)
The workshop is suitable for women at all fitness levels. No previous yoga experience needed.

4/6/8-week courses
Suitable for those that cannot attend weekend workshops (especially busy mums and women that work on weekends). It is also suitable for women that prefer to learn HYT gradually.

Private Sessions

Choose your own time and place to learn HYT. Private sessions are recommended for women that prefer privacy over group sessions or wish to learn HYT at their own pace. It is also suitable for women that require special attention due to specific medical conditions.


Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Join my intimate yoga-meditation-healing retreats for those who wish to discover themselves anew, to feel that they have positive energy, the power to act and a love for the world around them. We will try to travel together, meet interesting people, practice yoga and meditate in magical places, where we will discover ourselves anew, in harmony with body, soul, and mind. 


Aroma Yoga Nidra

To keep the harmony of Body & Mind, I invite you to special Aroma Yoga Nidra sessions for everybody interested in the development of deep relaxation through a lying-down meditation that induces full-body relaxation and strong states of awareness, accompanied by organic essential oils.

During the Aroma Yoga Nidra session, you will try a deep relaxation practice that starts with pranayama, or breath work, to center the mind followed by a brief, gentle asana practice to make your body ready for a calming Yoga Nidra relaxation, done in Savasana pose, accompanied by organic essential oils.

Within the relaxation, I will guide you through intentional body scanning and guided imagery to reach a state of total body-mind surrender and relaxation. This is an effective and powerful practice to produce profound healing, stress, and insomnia reduction.

This Aroma Yoga Nidra special session will be held using organic essential oils to bring you to deeper relaxation and you will leave the room with a great sensation of freedom and happiness.

No prior experience with yoga is necessary to fully enjoy the benefits of this workshop.


Kobido Japanese Facial Massage

We will be pursuing Beauty and Happiness through the art of authentic ancestral Japanese facial massage. In Japanese, Kobido means “old way of beauty” and outside of Japan is practiced only by a selected few therapists.

More than a facial, with pressure, vibration, percussion, and tapping, Kobido Massage strengthens the muscles and tones the entire face promoting blood circulation. This anti-aging care particularly appreciated by mature skin is also called a natural facelift.

And now, please close your eyes and imagine a beautiful beach, a radiant sunset, the salty smell of the sea, the fresh breeze on your face, and a wonderful sense of inner peace, joy, balance, and beauty – this is what we call the Kobido Way of Beauty, the optimal state of health, beauty and an ideal balance of Ki – life force energy.

More information about Kobido Facial Massage in my website https://kobidoagasan.com



Activity: Yoga & Μassage


P.C. 31100, Lefkada, Greece


For more info about dates & places please contact with Aga.

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