Spyros Politis
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Manager at: Hotel Odeon & The Bar
Languages: Greek, English

Located on the South coast of the island of Lefkada in Vassiliki, on a magnificent beachfront property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, The Bar opened in 2014 and consists of our lifestyle restaurant and bar. 

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The Bar is a multifaceted, picture-perfect beachfront venue with stunning views of the Vassiliki Bay and the neighbouring islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca. Guests are able to spend their days and evenings indulging in refreshing cocktails and popular dishes of international and Greek cuisine. For the guests of The Bar, the recreational choices are practically unlimited. Relax to the cool tunes and enjoy friendly service. Take out a stand up paddle board at low tide or join a windsurfing course. Swim or snorkel in the crystal clear sea.

  • Sweet & Pastry
  • Free WiFi

Vassiliki, P.C. 31082, Lefkada, Greece


Still unspoiled from tourism invention Vassiliki is a major destination for funs of water sports since it is regarded as one of the best locations for windsurfing globally. It is a place for people who wants to experience magic landscapes, green valleys, wild mountains and some of the most amazing beaches. Vassiliki Lefkada: Vassiliki is a picturesque fishing village surrounded by dense vegetation and is located about 38 kilometres south of the capital of Lefkada Island. A long pebble beach is extending in front of this popular beach resort which, because of its ideal weather conditions, attracts thousands of surfers every summer. Many windsurfing clubs are located on the beach offering windsurfing equipment rental.

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