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Zakinthinos Dionysis
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Manager at: Xouras Tavern
Languages: Greek, English

For twenty years now Xouras tavern promises you unique flavors. The owner is experienced and ''lover'' of the good food. The tavern is built on the sea, at Lygia's harbour, in Lefkada.

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"When we dream of fresh fish...When our thought is traveling us to lobsters, shrimps, squids...When our appetite asks for home made food then we eat only at Xouras tavern.

The cuisine 
In the tavern of Xouras you will find plenty of fish species, like breams, dentex, cods, sargus, fresh squids, octopus and grilled sardines, shrimps, scampi etc. If you are lucky, you will find fresh lobster or the delicious «angler fish soup» or «sklepou» for real “gourmet” tastes always in the authentic insular atmosphere. Apart from the fish, there are also varieties of meat and other cooked traditional dishes. 

The tavern 
The place of Xouras is also provided for every kind of meal or event. The music nights will not be rare, as the tavern is the haunt of many musicians. As far as the dj of the tavern is concerned, who is the owner himself, he takes care of the music choices which vary from Cesaria Evora to rempetika songs! 

Tip: The right time!
Lygia has an unmatched light just before sunset. Visit the tavern at that time and enjoy your food surrounded by a unique atmosphere. Do not miss the full moon either. The little tables by the sea are ideal for a dinner under the moon light.

Operating period: May - October

  • Greek cuisine
  • Seafood
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Free WiFi
  • Credit card payment
  • Parking
  • Greek

Lygia, P.C 31100, Lefkada, Greece


In the picturesque little harbor of Lygia, in the east coast of Lefkada, where the sea is always calm, lies the traditional fish tavern of Xouras. Lygia is one of the biggest auctions in Greece. On a daily basis, the fishermen leave with their trawls and boats early in the morning to collect their nets. This gives a direct access to fresh fish and shells.

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