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George Filippides
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Manager at: T-Gallery
Languages: Greek, English

T-Gallery shop in Vasiliki, Lefkada, has been offering custom T-Shirts for ten years with a steady clientele. In addition, in the store, you will find eco-conscious clothing/shoe brands & handmade creations.

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We have our own designs which can be modified by the customer in case they want it and also there is the possibility to print whatever they want on various T-shirts, Hoodies etc.

We support fair trade companies, ecological artists and small family businesses that are interested in the environment for this reason and we have cooperation with several Brands such as:

  • Rains modern and comfortable Rain-Wear - Bags & Accessories
  • Greek Archaic Kori
  • Ioanna Kourbela
  • Sun Of A Beach - Beach towels and accessories
  • Pepper Vally
  • Natural World 100% eco friendly shoes
  • Sandalista - Greek Handmade Leather Sandals
  • Nomadic State Of Mind Sandals
  • Alexandra Tsoukala
  • Irene Hussein
  • Basileia

Οur custom made T-shirts and all the eco-conscious brands that we have in our store, you can find them in our shop. 


Vasiliki, P.C. 31082, Lefkada, Greece