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Fagottobooks bookshop in Lefkada has a selection of publications about the Ionian islands, music and art, literature and philosophy as well as a foreign language book section on Lefkada and more.

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Fagottobooks Publications, noting the significant lack of a specialized bookshop in Lefkada, decided to fill that gap.

In the space, previously operating as the wholesale branch of fagottobooks, we create the first authentic bookshop on the island.

At the warm environment on the ground floor of a renovated traditional Lefkadian house awaits you a selection of publications on Lefkada, music and art, literature and philosophy as well as foreign language publications on Lefkada and more.

The experience accumulated after 32 years of successful operation of the main bookshop at Exarheia in Athens, combined with the in depth knowledge of the subject is a guarantee for your service.

Today, the way we study music changes, because music itself changes. New kinds of music emerge, new instruments are invented. The tendency to different music cultures taking part equally in the international music stage is strengthened. Technology transforms the music field. Computers, virtual reality and Internet discover new possibilities for composition, performance, production, storing and management of the musical creation. What is the basic music knowledge that has to be transmitted to the student and to the lover of music in the 21st century? What competences should the student develop, so that he can come up to the contemporary musical demands? What are the most adequate ways to the lover of music considering the research of basic concepts and the principles of the music system?

Fagotto Editions responds to these questions by offering, to an audience interested in music, books that meet today's demands. It is not by chance that some titles are taught in different Universities (Athens, Macedonia, Thessalia, Aristotle, Ionian), as well as in Schools of Music. The Ministry of Education included several titles as reference books to the School Libraries.

Although music is the main object of our publications, in recent years fagotto books have expanded into other fields, such as books for alternative tourism in Lefkada.

In the summer months events relating to books are held in the bookshop’s yard.


7 Zakynthou St.,P.C 31100, Lefkada, Greece


- A car is not needed


Fagottobooks bookshop is located in Lefkada city center.