Lefkada town and surroundings Lefkada Town Traditional Grocery Store "Giannis Kapsokostas"

Traditional Grocery Store "Giannis Kapsokostas"

Trade of cheese products, pulses & nuts

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Giannis Kapsokostas
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Manager at: Grocery Store "Gianni Kapsokosta"
Languages: Greek, English

The cheese shop of Yiannis Kapsokostas is several decades old in the heart of Lefkada, remaining a traditional grocer unaltered by the changes of time.

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In the small grocery store on Karavela street you will find cheeses, virgin olive oil and wine produced by Mr. Yiannis in his place of origin, Monastiraki, Etoloakarnania. Barrel cheese, the traditional "Sfina", gravies, pecorino, vliachiko gruyere and saganotiri are just some of the products that people ask daily. Amongst an abundance of pure Greek products and cheeses from every corner of the country, here you will find "Lathyria", the local legume of Lefkada grown mainly in the plain of Karya and is particularly delicious. The store sends orders all over Greece and supplies the most famous taverns of the island with its goods every day.


Karavela 1, P.C. 31100, Lefkada, Greece


- Close to bus stop