Excursion to Palairos


Texts and photos: Andromachi Vrakatseli

Palairos, also known as Zaverda, is located just 30 minutes away from the town of Lefkada. It is a well organized tourist oriented town, with a unique natural landscape and a multifaceted character. It is ideal for those longing for care free, alternative family vacations but will also appease those searching for some intense experiences since its nightlife has a lot to offer. 

Palairos/ Zaverda, a well organized tourist oriented town

 In the picturesque harbor and the modern marina of Palairos numerous sailing boats are anchored. Walking in its cobbled and busy alleys you will see some very beautiful houses such as the imposing manor of Ragos. The rumor has it that in 1963 Aristotelis Onasis wanted to buy a small island next to this seaside town.

Palairos, a different side of the Ionian Sea | Day trip from Lefkada

Starting from Palairos, the shoreline of the village of Pogonia will surely impress you as it will introduce you to a different side of the Ionian Sea. Mild weather and crystal clear turquoise waters. The total length of the shore is 12km but road access to the beaches is a bit difficult because of the dirt or gravel roads in some parts of it. This is however what makes Ksiromero special: it is an area left untouched.

Palairos, an area left untouched | Lefkada Slow Guide

The endless sandy beach of Potamaki has a view towards the Acarnanian mountains and the little islands of the Ionian Sea, with many people choosing it for authorized camping. The Ai Yannis beach with the small chapel that goes by the same name gives you the definition of what Greek islands stand for. It is an idyllic bay with clear waters and pebbles. Varko is a charming cove with blue waters that is visited by tons of sailing boats during the summer. After Varko, a unique landscape is formed by the small bays of the Acarnanian shore. Last but not least, the beach of Vathiavali is the most beautiful beach of the Aetolia-Acarnania region: turquoise waters, pebbles and impressive beauty. It is no wonder that for many years now it is the hidden secret of yachtsmen.

Palairos is ideal for scuba diving | Best day trips from Lefkada

For the lovers of alternative activities, Palairos is ideal for scuba diving both for beginner and advanced levels. St. Paraskevi Bay, Adelfonisia and Ai Nikolas are suggested places for scuba diving.

Palairos, a piece of paradise in Aitoloakarnania | Lefkada Slow Guide

Approximately 7 km outside of the town, in the imposing Acarnanian mountains lies the Monastery of St. Demetrios with an amazing view towards the Ionian Sea. It is worth visiting at the day of the celebration of the Saint in the 26th of October, when the locals hold a distinctive fest that includes horses. The archaeological site of Palairos is 12 km away, in the mountain of Kechropoula. There one can marvel at the unique fortification, the large gates, the raided tombs and the ancient agora.

Palairos has an island-like atmosphere | Stunning road trip from Lefkada

Palairos has an island-like atmosphere that attracts many tourists who long for seaside holidays