Melina Vlachou

Apart from my summer interests, I run an Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Athens, and it is the practice of this particular system of yoga what keeps me truthful to all I do. The way I practice on my mat, is the way I treat my guests in the house and the way I create handcrafts for my shop in the village during the summer time. It is all made out of love...

Inside each room you will find a map and a brochure with our recommendations regarding food, beach time & pleasure!
We are always available for our guests, as we live on the ground floor of the same house, so a knock on the door is enough to solve any kind of problem or question in hand.
Apart from that, I run a very cozy women's accessories shop at the village called "Melina's Little Shop", whereas my husband Spyros owns and runs the island's most famous "155cocktailbar", just opposite Melina's little shop.
You can easily track us in either of those three places!

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