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Aktio Marina

Marinas Lefkada / Preveza

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AKTIO MARINA is built in privately owned facilities which were purchased in 1992 and the operation began in 1997. It holds a private fenced area with a capacity of 600 dry dock seats.

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The founders of AKTIO MARINA, Nikos Dimopoulos and Giannis Dimopoulos, whose experience with sailing and cruising dates back to 1978, offer their services and work in the field they are fond of.

One Travel lift 100tn and  two heavy duty boat trailers,70 and 40 tons each one,allow us to fulfill all our prospects for accomplishing the latest technology and safety specs.

Our specialized personnel will be glad to offer high-class services, always in a friendly atmosphere, and will be at your side during your stay, lending you their knowledge and experience and providing all the necessary information you might need.

We will be glad to assist you.

AKTIO MARINA, since it’s establishement, led by the excellent technical staff training, emphasizing the provision of technical services to private and commercial boats.

Participating in all phases of development of Greek yaching, invested in machinery, spare parts and tools to complete redusing the time and cost of repair of all types of boats.


  • Fax
  • Card Phone
  • Daily Weather Forecast
  • WC and Shower
  • Washing Machines
  • A place for clothes – drying
  • Sheltered Workshop for use by customers
  • Reception Room
  • Free of charge storage facilities
  • Free Parking for cars and caravans
  • Pets are allowed in the marina facilities under supervision
  • Free charging of batteries in winter
  • Free use of stairs – gangways
  • Possibility to supply the boat with food provisions
  • Free transportation to Preveza
  • Free transportation from and back to the bus terminal (KTEL) of Preveza
  • Marine store
  • 24-hour guarding
  • Fire Protection system throughout the marina
  • Playing area the children
  • Beach suitable for bathing
  • Free checking of covers and stingers
  • Storage Baggage
  • Information Services
  • Free internet


  • Hauling and launching with travel lift 100tn
  • Hauling and launching with trailer 70 tn
  • Hauling on iron duckboards of heavy type
  • Water jet cleaning
  • Water and power supply for every boat
  • General boat maintenance for wintering
  • Maintenance and repair of marine engines
  • Application of antifouling paint
  • Polishing – waxing
  • Painting
  • Polyester works
  • Repair – construction works on the stainless parts of the boat
  • Repairing of fridges & air-conditions, supply with freon
  • Sandblasting cleaning
  • Antiosmotic protection
  • Electric – electronic repairs
  • Washing – repairing of sails, covers, rigging, masts
  • Wood works
  • Crane for the removal of masts and engines
  • Refuelling
  • Lifeboat inspection
  • Marine store
  • Roofed place for the carrying out of works
  • Plumbing repairs
  • spare parts store



Aktio, P.C 48100, Preveza, Greece


AKTIO MARINA is situated at the entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf, in the middle of the Ionian sea, south of the islands of Corfu and Paxoi and north of the islands of Lefkas, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. In this privileged position, only 1.5 km away from the international airport of Aktio and opposite to the city of Preveza, we continue the Greek tradition and offer hospitality and high-quality services.

Aktio Preveza

Aktion is the last Cape of Acarnania, at the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf, across from Preveza, which lies just 725 meters. Aktion is known worldwide, beyond the Battle of Actium, by the NATO namesake airport (stationed here aircraft electronic warfare AWACS) and the civilian airport with daily domestic and international flights.

In Aktion cape, was in the 5th B.C. Century the famous Temple of Apollo Aktion, built by the inhabitants of the ancient city of Anactorium (located near Vonitsa). This temple has been demolished by an earthquake and subsidence of the sea. Around 100 carved stone blocks of the Temple of Apollo Aktion transferred in Preveza, today located on the beach of Kyani Akti.

Every two years at Actium were taking place the «Aktion», horse races, athletic and celebrations to commemorate the Akarnanikes cities God Apollo (God of music and arts). In the sea area of ​​Actium (and the current Preveza), was in the 2nd of September of 31 B.C. the naval battle that decided the fate of the top leadership of the Roman State.

Today Aktion communicates with the coast of Preveza through underwater tunnel length of 1.5 km. for vehicles.

The undersea road crossing channel Aktion – Preveza ensures faster connection with Etoloakarnania,

Southern Greece and the coastal zone of the county of Preveza – Thesprotia and the port of Igoumenitsa.