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Medical and Home Care

George Logothetis
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Manager: I-Assist
Languages: Greek, English

"Ι assist medical SA." in Lefkada provides quality medical services to tourists 24 hours.

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Main activity of the company from its inception up to the present is the provision of primary health care through a network of clinics and qualified medical personnel to tourists visiting our country. The primary care includes medical examination to the patients in any of our offices or at the spot, diagnostic examinations, observation and ambulance transportation, depending on the severity and the needs of the incident. With the traveler’s security at heart and the insurance companies interest in mid, i assist functions with responsibility in order to effectively respond on site to the travelers medical needs around the clock and credibly meet the insurance companies high standards of collaboration making sure that cost is contained to the necessary.



Nydri, P.C. 31084, Lefkada, Greece


The I- ASSIST is on the main street of Nydri.