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Languages: Greek, English

TEI of Ionian Islands was established under the name "Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Ionian Islands" according to the Greek Official Gazette 156/20-6-2003.

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It belongs to the Technological Sector of Higher Education and it is operating as a Public-law Entity fully self-governing under the supervision of the Greek Minister of Education.  

The central offices of the TEI Ionian Islands are located in Argostoli, Cephalonia. There are eight departments in TEI of Ionian Islands which offer courses in modern subjects. The departments of the Institute are located in the islands of Cephalonia (Argostoli and Lixouri), Zante and Lefkada.


The first departments of the TEI were:

* Application of Information Technology in Administration and Economy (based in Lefkada).

* Organic Farming and Food Technology (based in Lefkada).

* Sound and Musical Instruments Technology (based in Lixouri).

* Environmental Technology and Ecology (based in Zante).


Next, the following academic departments had been added:


Academic year 2004-2005

  • Business Administration (based  in Lixouri).

Academic year 2005-2006

  • Public Relations and Communication (based  in Argostoli)

Academic year 2009-2010

  • Protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (based in Zante)
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications (based in Lefkada)


School of Management and Economics

Department of Business Administration 

Specialization in Business Administration

School of Management and Economics

Department of Business Administration

Specialization in Tourism and Hospitality Management       



Filosofon & Tzeveleki, P.C 31100, Lefkada, Greece


- A car is not needed


T.E.I. of Lefkada is located in Lefkada city, close to KTEL.