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Our mission to minimize distances, and bring you closer to those you love, to what you desire, to what you want to discover!

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Our Mission
To travel our passengers with safety, continuously providing services of high standards across all travel stages, through an extensive network of destinations, which connects every corner of Greece and Greece with the world.

Our Vision
To act responsibly in developing the market, evolving our employees, supporting our partners and local communities.

Our Values

  • Respond to our passenger’s needs
  • Put the passenger in focus
  • Pursue constant enhancement of the overall passenger experience in all travel stages
  • Focus on the quality of the services and products offered
  • Invest in innovation and progress
  • Conduce to the growth of our country’s tourism, as well as having merit in representing Greece abroad 
  • Aim to render Greek air transportation a sustainable and profitable source for growth with multiple benefits for tourism, employment and state revenues
  • Care for the needs of society in general and more importantly of sensitive social groups
  • Conduct business in a responsible and respectful manner towards the environment, our employees, our passengers, our suppliers and local communities.

Aktio, P.C 48100, Preveza, Greece



The Aktion Airport is located on the west side of Central Greece, in Aktion town, 4 kms from Preveza and 17 kms from Lefkada.


Lefkada town : 17km