Mira Resort

Modern and elegantly designed, Mira Resort’s contemporary architecture on terraced hillside 200 m above the northwest coast of Lefkada harmoniously blend with natural olive grove surroundings and the panorama of the Ionian Sea.

Situated on solitary terrain within the silent privacy of an enclosed oasis of calm with exclusive access to residents only. Experience the freedom of individual holiday, ensured by the restricted number of 20 adult guests residing at the same time at Mira Resort. Recreational environment under the supervision of international management provided for the benefit of guests spending their leisure time at the appropriate residence of the truly magnificent island of Lefkada. Ambiance of sovereignty, Mira Resort, designed to serve beyond the standards to provide the environment and facilities sought by individuals longing for relaxation.

West Lefkada Tsoukalades Mira Resort
Reservations Department
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Languages: Greek, English, Czech, German, Italian, French, Russian