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Giannis Filippas
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Manager at: Wild Sea Apartments & Walking in Lefkada
Languages: Greek, English

We offer you the opportunity to discover another side of Lefkada through organized walks.

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Admire the wonderful nature of Lefkada, an island rich in water, green valleys, gorges, and impressive mountains following old trails and younger roads. Discover picturesque mountain villages, old monasteries and the remains of a bygone era. Let yourself be submerged by the colors and aromas of nature within Lefkada and discover the rare and most commonly discovered plants and flowers. Join us on a sensory journey away, unlike any other, follow the paths of history and discover the other dimension of Lefkada unearthing the colours, fragrances and tranquility.

You can explore information of our walking tracks within the book of Linda Out «On Foot", Fagotto editions. The author details 30 courses within the island, which is known for its great variety and changing landscape. Our routes follow those within the guidelines of this book, however we have also uncovered many other pathways through our experienced discovery of Lefkada. We try, whenever possible, to avoid the tarmac roads and will end our program with a pleasant hike to the cafes within the villages. The program is put together by our team and we will adapt to the changing weather conditions and the walking ability of each team. We arrange walks throughout the year except for in July and August.

We offer a total package in April, May, June, September and October that includes walks, accommodation and meals. Access to Lefkada is difficult in the winter months (November – March). The only access is through a road from Igoumenitsa (boat from Italy) or flying from Athens. Accommodation and catering possibilities are also limited. Upon request we can plan a weekly program to suit your needs.

We plan walks every two days, so you can visit the famous beaches on our island. Of course this can be changed according to your choice.


Activity: Hiking


Agios Nikitas, P.C. 31080, Lefkada, Greece


Our excursions begin from the village of Agios Nikitas, and we travel by car to the starting point. The duration of hiking can take from 2 to 5 hours. Where possible we like to avoid any tarmac roads and will follow walking paths. If possible, at the end of our travels we will stop for coffee in a village, and we will ride back to AgiosNikitas. Our program is flexible and we are able to change this according to your specific needs.

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