Hiking walk starting from Nydri

2 hrs (7,2 km)

Walking excursion at Lefkada, with the book "Lefkada on foot" by Lida Out.

Nydri - Rachi - Waterfall

This walk starts on the road in the centre of Nydri opposite the church. On one corner is the town hall (ΔHMAPXEIO) and on the opposite corner is the taverna Fantastica and a sign to hotel Lefko. Walk down this road past Hotel Lefko and the municipal parking for 3 minutes and turn left at the T-junction. After 3 minutes you will come to the bypass around Nydri. Turn left and after 2 minutes turn right, signposted Vafkeri and Rachi. After 5 minutes from the bypass you turn left, on the corner there is an electricity pole, on the opposite side a sign with ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ. 

Hiking starting from Nydri | Hiking trails in Lefkada | Lefkada Slow Guide

After 1 minute turn right following the concrete wall of the factory onto a track. After 4 minutes the track meets another track. Turn right and immediately left and after 1 minute turn right onto the tarmac road of Rachi.

The waterfalls of Dimosari in Nydri | Lefkada Slow Guide

Turn right at the T-crossing with a telephone booth and after 40 meters you turn left crossing the bridge, just opposite a restaurant. Turn left immediately after crossing the bridge. Keep following this road. A little further, the road turns into a dirt road. Ignore the side roads until after 15 minutes you reach a shed at the riverbed. Go left past the shed and cross the riverbed. On the other side, you come to a tarmac road where you turn right. Keep following this tarmac road for 10 minutes until you see the Plane café on you right hand side. 

Keep following the rocky track straight ahead until at the end you have to cross the riverbed. You reach a big rock formation with water running down. Pass this and you will see the – sometimes slippery – natural stone steps ascending along the rocks. Follow these steps and you will reach the waterfall and the little basin underneath. 

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