Hiking walk starting from Vassiliki

4 hrs (16,6km)

Walking excursion at Lefkada, with the book "Lefkada on foot" by Lida Out.

Vassiliki - Pigi - Agios Petros - Roupakias - Vassiliki

This walk starts in front of the Euromarket supermarket opposite the campsite on the road from Vassiliki to Ponti. Take the road west walking away from Vassiliki village towards Ponti. After 4 minutes, 200 metres from the supermarket you turn immediately right after the 2nd bridge, opposite the traffic mirror. You see a red house with green shutters and after three minutes you pass Katerina holiday houses with the palm trees on your left. After another 6 minutes you will come to the second track on your left with an old, white concrete shrine. Turn left on to this track.

Stay on the main track and ignore any side road. After 5 minutes, at the Y-junction, do not turn left but keep going straight ahead. After another 5 minutes you come to a crossroads of two tracks where you turn right, towards the corrugated metal shed. Keep following this track and after 10 minutes you come to the spring and a plane tree. Wherever there is a plane tree, there is water! Go straight on here.

Vineyards in Agios Petros | Alternative activities in Lefkada

Follow the ascending track straight ahead - you pass another stream - ignore all sidetracks. After 20 minutes from the spring, you come to the old tarmac road from Vassiliki to Ag. Petros. Turn left here. After ascending on this road for about 10 minutes you turn on to a track to the left where the tarmac road bends to the right. After 5 minutes climbing you see a high, iron fence on the right, this belongs to the football pitch. Keep left and after 1 minute you come to the tarmac road with the football pitch opposite to your right. Turn right here and after 40 metres turn left on to a track along the side of the football pitch. Follow the track round the right hand corner and then the track goes down to the left behind the portocabin.

Vassiliki, Lefkada | Ideal place for hiking, cycling, horse-back riding

You pass the vineyards under Ag. Petros. Keep following the main track, ignoring all sidetracks, until after 10 minutes, at a new church, you reach the old road again between Vassiliki and Ag. Petros. When you look to the right you see a rather big, white shrine on the side of the road. Turn left and after 40 metres you see a track to the right.

 If you don’t want to go on to Roupakias you have here the possibility to make the following short cut: Turn right onto the concrete track. After 5 minutes you take the track to the left. Follow the track down for 5 minutes past the pine-trees and follow the main track to the right. Ten minutes later you will come to a shrine on a tarmac road opposite a shed, where you turn right. At this point you will pick up walk no. 24 from Roupakias.

Roupakias, Lefkada | The lush village | Lefkada Slow Guide

For Roupakias you do not turn right after 40 metres but you keep on going straight ahead. After 5 minutes, past new houses on the left, you come to a crossroads with a fence on the right.

If you want to visit Ag. Petros it takes about 10 minutes from this spot following an ascending track to the square of Ag. Petros. Go straight ahead at the fence, onto the track climbing steeply towards the church. Turn left onto the tarmac road and immediately right onto the ascending tarmac road and then immediately left onto the ascending concrete road. Turn right and after 25 steps turn left onto the ascending road. Turn onto the first road on the left at a house with a black fence. This road takes you to the square. Return the same way as you came, and turn left at the crossroads with the fence.

If you do not go to the village centre, turn right at the crossroads with the fence. After 2 minutes you take the left hand ascending concrete track past a big cypress tree. One minute further, just before the house, turn right onto the track passing a fenced field.You walk through the pine trees, you may have to go through animal gates. After 10 minutes you come to a tarmac road. 

Turn right and follow the main road. It takes another 15 minutes going down before you see the first houses and the church of the abandoned village of Roupakias. Years ago, its inhabitants moved to Ag. Petros. Past the village continue following the main road. Depending on the time of year, this road follows a stream for a while. In winter the stream is full of water coming down as waterfalls. 

After 20 minutes you pass a shed on the left and a track on the right at a shrine. Keep right at the fork you come to after 5 minutes. Continue on the tarmac main road; after about 10 minutes you pass several fenced off sheds and a cypress reaching to the sky. 
Another 10 minutes brings you to the next fork at a sign for cyclists where you keep the main road to the left. Three minutes later you keep right opposite a vineyard and continue for 7 minutes when this road comes to a fork at some sheds and an electricity pole. Take the track to the left.

Explore Lefkada on foot | Hiking -Clibing

After 3 minutes you keep right following the concrete and wire fence. Continue on the farm track keeping to the main track bringing you in 8 minutes to the old tarmac road from Vassiliki to Ag. Petros. Turn left and after about 10 minutes along the tarmac road ignore the first track to the left. A little bit further you’ll see on your left hand side recently built houses, after that you turn left onto a track, on the corner is a gate and there is a cypress.

After you turn left you see a big plane tree and a shed on your left. Follow this track keeping to the left after 2 minutes. After 6 minutes you walk along a stream. After 10 minutes walking from the shed you turn right, crossing the bridge. After 1 minute take the track to the right. Five minutes later the track becomes tarmac and you pass new houses on your right. After another 3 minutes turn left at the T-junction. Ten minutes later, half an hour from the tarmac road, you come to the main road Vassiliki-Ponti and the Euromarket is a few metres to the left.