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Marinas Lefkada / Preveza

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One of Lefkada’s most recent acquisitions is the marina, the most modern in Greece, situated on the east side of the town.

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Within the shore area of 70.000 sq.m. surrounding the marina, the guest will encounter a great number of different installations and services, such as a Reception Office (in the Control Tower), offices for the rental of boats, a hotel and a conference centre, a surgery, Port Police office, a laundry, toilets and shower facilities, etc.

Additionally, within the, attractive and perfectly in harmony with the natural surroundings and the architecture of Lefkas, shore area, you will find a shopping centre with a variety of shops including a chandlery, a supermarket, and cafes providing the opportunity to do your shopping or enjoy a meal and a drink with a wonderful view of the boats and the beautiful town of Lefkas.
Within this, in fact, idyllic setting of an artificial island, bridges, canals, quays and areas both paved and with green lawns, several cultural and athletic events take place, as well as exhibitions and concerts.


The marina has a mooring capacity of approximately 620 boats, on both permanent and floating pontoons. Distribution of berths is based on the dimensions of the boats.

Moorings are available for stay for up to 20 years, and boats up to 45 metres long and with 4 metres draught can be accommodated.

At all berths, electricity is available (220V and 380V) as well as fresh water, while permanent laid moorings guarantee the safety of boats moored here.
Off-shore anchoring in the marina area is not permitted, except for short-term in the case of emergency.
Upon arrival at the Marina, you should complete the check-in formalities at the Reception Office.


The marina offers a full range of technical boat services. There are dry dock facilities for about 280 boats, while a 150-ton travelift, a 70-ton travelift and a 60-ton mobile crane facilitate the man?uvre of boats in and out of  water. There are also spacious facilities for the laying-up of boats in a covered shelter.

Apart from power washing, painting and other work to the underside of boats, the marina can cover a wide range of maintenance and repairs to do with the boats and their equipment, such as mechanical, electrical and electronic work, carpentry, sail repairs, refrigeration, upholstery etc.

A diver is available for underwater repairs, hull inspection and other tasks.

For further information on any kind of repair do not hesitate to contact the marina office.

With electricity and water available throughout the marina, our guests can of course carry out their own shore repairs, should they wish to do so. There are also facilities for the laying-up of boats under cover.

Reception Office

The marina is open all year round on a 24-hour basis. The Reception Office, which is at the Control Tower of the marina, is available for any information you may require, will assist you with all arrival formalities and will help you with any problems you might have. Opening hours of the Reception Office vary according to season. You can always call the Office or the Duty Officer on VHF channel 69.

Hotel & Conference centre

The marina’s hotel is situated next to the entrance. Exceptional facilities plus a swimming pool await you for a comfortable and luxurious stay. www.ianoshotel.gr

Electricity and Water

Water and electricity consumption are charged according to prepaid cards.


A fuel station is to be found at the entrance of the marina. The friendly and efficient staff will attend to all your needs for diesel, petrol, oil and filters. Facilities for the disposal of biological waste and oil waste are also to be found here. Payment for fuel may only be made at the fuel station.

As with any fuel station, safety measures need special attention. When refuelling:

1. Smoking is prohibited.
2. The use of naked flames and spark-producing devices is prohibited.
3. The use of the pumps is restricted to the authorised personnel.

Weather Forecasts

A daily weather forecast will be posted on the Reception Office notice board. You may also request weather information from the office on the VHF.

Post Office

Post boxes for the mailing of letters are to be found in several places throughout the marina. Incoming mail is collected from the Reception Office. The postal address of the marina is:



The entrances to the marina are manned by private security guards on a 24-hour basis. Both on and off shore there is constant surveillance by security cameras and by the personnel of the marina, either from the control tower or by means of regular patrols around the pontoons. Safety ladders and lifebelts are located along all the pontoons.


Banks in the town of Lefkas are open from Monday to Friday 08.00 to 14.00.


There are several shops, amongst them a supermarket, a chandlery, souvenir shops etc., which will cover most of your needs.


Public telephones are to be found in several places in the marina, and at the Reception Office, which also has fax facilities. Urgent messages can be delivered directly to the boats.

Working areas for guests

Fully equipped premises for those guests who may wish to do some work or hold meetings, are available in the marina. Internet access is also available from here.


Wireless internet access is available.  Prepaid cards are available at the Reception office.

Toilets and showers

There are three blocks of showers and toilets distributed throughout the marina. They are open at all times except for cleaning times. During these hours we would appreciate your co-operation. Separate toilets are available for those with special needs.

Laundry and Drying Facilities

At the shower and W.C. facility nearest the centre of the marina there is also a fully equipped self service Laundromat and drying facilities. The helpful laundry staff is willing to collect clothing for washing or dry cleaning from your boat and return it.

Medical First Aid

The marina surgery is able to provide first aid and to make arrangements for the proper handling of more serious cases.

Means of transport

The Reception Office can assist you with calling for a taxi and can give you information about bus timetables.

Please notice the marina speed limit of 30km. 

Car parking

Car and trailer parking for our guests can be arranged under the instructions of the marina management. Please park your cars only at the designated parking areas. Parking of cars on the quayside is not allowed. The marina is not responsible for the loss or theft of items from the vehicles.


Both large and small rubbish bins are conveniently distributed throughout the marina. Please do not leave any rubbish outside the bins and do not throw anything into the sea. There are also special receptacles for the disposal of used oil.


Bars, cafe and restaurants can be found in the marina. There is also a kinder garden.


East Coast, P.C 31100, Lefkada, Greece


- A car is not needed


Lefkas Marina is situated on the eastern side of the island, literally embraced by Lefkas town and right beside the main harbour. 


Lefkada town : 17km
Aktio Airport (PVK): 17km