South Lefkada Vassiliki Raftopoylos Panagiotis

Raftopoylos Panagiotis

Architects & Civil Engineers

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Panagiotis Raftopoulos
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Manager at: Panagiotis Raftopoulos
Languages: Greek, English

Panagiotis Raftopoylos,   Construction Engineer Τ.Ε. - Ε.D.Ε.

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  • Site plan
  • Structural analysis
  • Supervisions
  • Renovations
  • Energy certificates
  • Construction of private projects and civil works

Vassiliki, P.C. 31082, Lefkada, Greece


- Close to bus stop
- Car or motorbike recommended


Lefkada town : 37km
Aktio Airport (PVK): 52km
Port of Igoumenitsa: 146km